Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes we marvel at the path God has us on! We thought we came to Kenya to work with clean water and farms in Turkana and now He has us serving in the slums of Nairobi working with Missions of Hope International (MoHI)!  We are learning that if we hold firmly to the hand of God, no matter where we find ourselves, we are where we are meant to be.  And what a tremendous place He has us in now!  WOW!

MoHI Pangani Bldg

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

Sometimes we feel like a Swiss Army knife, especially when He decides to use a part of us that hasn’t been used in a while!  We have been spending one day each week at a different Missions of Hope center co-teaching with Frederick, the Sports/Phys. Ed guy. We model lessons from the teaching curriculum developed by Compassion International and specifically designed for use here in Kenya. Each P.E. lesson has a spiritual component, a health component, is based on scripture, and helps to actively engage the children in learning. The lessons are terrific and a dream come true for this retired P.E. teacher that always wanted to incorporate the Word of God into her program in the states!

After teams compete, the winning team sings as the team that  “doesn’t win” must dance…they all love it, especially Frederick!

Frederick so loves what he does for these kids!  After teams compete in class activities, the team “that doesn’t win” must dance for the winning team!

So what do we do the other 4 days a week? Our official assignment is to work with Business Development and Sustainability. Renda is working with the Gift Shop ensuring that the products are of top quality and helping herself and the staff to learn how to facilitate sales to visitors here and back to the US.  Den is working to increase the efficiency of the production and sales processes. There are four main areas where MoHI has marketable products: Hope Springs bottled water, Hope coffee, Turkana baskets, and Beadwork (Jewelry). Quality products and efficient processes provide employment for families served by MoHI and develop independent streams of income for the ministry.  If you have ideas to help the ministry find a market for these products in the US, please let us know.  Click the prayer request tab at the top of the page and a private email will come directly to us.

In the past 16 years, Missions of Hope has grown from educating 50 children in one center to holistically transforming over 13,000 children in nineteen centers!

MoHI Areas Served Map

Child sponsorship is where that effort begins, and child sponsorship continues to change lives everyday, from Nairobi to Turkana!

Napusimoru children

The children from the remote village of Napusimoru, the remarkable place in Turkana where we lived, are now available for sponsorship online. If you would like to change the life, and perhaps the eternity, of one of these beautiful children, or a child from any one of the 19 centers, please click here.

Folks are now asking, “What happens to my sponsored child when they graduate from High School”? Some want to go to Technical or Trade School, others to University. The MoHI Higher Education Fund is a sustainable program where the students that qualify receive a loan that directly pays their Higher Education fees. The students later repay that loan, allowing the same funds to educate student after student. The cost to attend a Kenyan University is about $3600 a year. Our God truly has a hope and a future in mind for these students and you can help to make that hope a reality! To contribute to this cause, please click here.

We are seeing that God can, and does, use all of our experiences to serve Him!  No matter where He has you right now, you are in the perfect place to serve as well!  Let us know what you may be wrestling with and we would be happy to pray specifically for your paths to be directed.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will direct your paths. ” Proverbs 3:5,6

“We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.” 1Thessalonians 1:2

In Christ’s Love,

Den and Ren







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  1. Sandy Stelljes

    You two are amazing and will do amazing things for the skills development program! I love that Renda is back to teaching PE; it looks like those kids are doing a little country line dance 🙂 This has gone full circle for me – the same two wonderful friends that introduced me to my sweet little sponsor girl – that initiated my visit MoHI – that moved me to selling MoHI jewelry – that fires up my desire to come back and serve in the same ministry! God only knows how big this circle really is……….

  2. Kristen Brock

    Somehow just found this update in my inbox. Excited for the new work y’all are doing! Miss you bunches and hope that Janet (there with the Mtn team) was able to give you both big hugs from me!!!


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