The Gift Shop

IMG_2302From March through May, MOHI Shop 001we helped deconstruct, reconstruct, paint, add electric outlets, clean, and redesign the Missions of Hope Gift Shop. Our goal, was to have it ready for the visitors and short-term mission teams that would begin arriving in June.

Every item is produced locally, many from the Missions of Hope skills training program participants or graduates, helping parents of children in the Mohi schools to earn an income. Our products include, jewelry, textiles, Turkana baskets, coffee, water, carved animals, bowls, bookends, soapstone, and so much more. Items range in price from 30 cents to $500. And of course, all the profits flow right back into the ministry.

The reason for the Gift Shop goes far beyond the development of an income stream.  It is a place where the ministry of Mohi can be seen, heard, felt and tasted by every visitor. And when those visitors find something tangible to take home with them, that gift serves as an advocate for the ministry, speaking on its own of the outstanding work the Holy Spirit is getting done each and every day from the slums of Nairobi to the desert of Turkana, and many places in between.


Our Gift Shop Teammate, aptly named, Joy!

Our Hope Coffee is sourced locally and is some of the best coffee you will find anywhere. We are hoping to find a viable means to get it shipped back to the US to churches and business owners who would love to have access to some great coffee that serves a great need.


IMG_2492With the help of many,  all of the existing stock in the Gift Shop was inventoried and barcoded, and ready to be checked out using the new Point-of-Sale system!


CMF Summer Interns were a HUGE help!


IMG_5670Hundreds of items were sold each day, which meant working feverishly to keep the shelves stocked.

From the beginning of June through the middle of August, Missions of Hope had:

  • Over 20 short-term teams come to Nairobi to serve and work alongside as ministry partners
  • Over 300 visitors on the ground among those teams
  • Visitors from 4 different countries (US, Brazil, New Zealand, and Korea)
  • Visitors from 12 different states (AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, MD, NC, NV, OR, VA, WA)
  • More than 700 sponsored children visited
  • More than 80 new children sponsored by visitors
  • Approximately 7,931 items sold in the Gift Shop

Special Visitors in May

Renda’s mom, Peggy Sellers, and our long time friend, Sandy Stelljes, were more than just casual visitors.  For two weeks, they were an instrumental help in preparing the shop, an encouragement, and a lot of fun to have around!

Peggy, Dennis and Renda and our sponsored child, Fatuma!



Sandy and her sponsored child, Cecelia

Renda’s Health Needs and Prayer

We were recently reminded of how little control we have over the circumstances of life, and of how good our Lord is in caring for us. Renda had been experiencing some occasional abdominal pain so we visited with a great doctor here in Nairobi to find out what the cause may be. Less than two weeks later, on July 19th, we found ourselves in the operating room of a local hospital. Ren had a large ovarian cyst removed and a complete hysterectomy.  The post-operative pathology report showed that cancer was discovered in her uterus. We don’t yet know if all of the cancer was removed or if there is more treatment needed; we are trusting those decisions to the oncologist we will see in the US in a few weeks. On September 8th we will fly back to our little mobile home in Florida for a more thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. We don’t know how long we will be home, what Renda’s treatment may consist of, or any details at all, but we are mentally and spiritually prepared for whatever our future holds. As Christ-followers, we write the plans for our life in pencil, knowing that it is God that holds the eraser. Please know that your prayers for us are greatly treasured during this faith-building exercise. Let us strive to glorify God in the midst of our circumstances.We will do what we can to keep you informed of our progress.

 Place your life before God….. 

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.”    Romans 12:2  from the Message (MSG)



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  1. Jane Barker

    Our prayers are with you.You are such an inspiration to all of us..

  2. John Raymond Kibet

    Thanks Currans. May The Great Doctor of doctors cure you. I know He will.

  3. Marge Lloyd

    We want you to know you are in our thought and prayers. May our Lord and master grant you traveling mercies.
    Sending our love and big hugs as you begin this journey!

  4. Deborah kraft

    We love you both. you’re in our prayers our home is open to you.

  5. Terri & Kevin Pugsley

    We love you both, have been praying for your mission and of course for Renda’s health. You two are the great model for following hard after Jesus with unbounding faith. Praying for safe journeys to FL and great news from the docs.

  6. Ann & Bill Coxx

    Please know that we are lifting you both up daily in our prayers. Could you provide us with a mailing address when you get back to the states? Bless you both for your awesome faith – you are inspiring to us all.

  7. Julie Swift

    Renda and Dennis, we will be uplifting prayers for you…all our love, Julie and Austin

  8. Martha Ritchie

    Well said! I will try to do just as you said. You are so right. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

  9. Larry and Jean Priebe

    Blessings to you both. God has a plan and is leading you both each and every day. You are quite an inspiration for us all to walk better and more for our God.

  10. Tom Coats

    I guess I need to start contacting people with Face Book and E-Mail even though I am digitally challenged. Sorry it took so long. I am not prayer challenged, so I will be praying for the both of you. Love you -Tom

  11. Joni Haran

    Truly enjoyed the pictures. You both are so wonderful, caring and loving every day in what you are going there. My prayers for no cancer whatsoever Renda. Your a faithful servant and I know our Heavenly Father is watching over you. I love you both and will have you in my prayers daily.

  12. Sue Sullivan

    Lots of prayers for u Renda!. I am happy to help u through the journey if u should need any words of encouragement and pep talks. I’m praying for you! You are strong. You will beat this!

  13. Gina Novak

    Renda. Nothing tests our faith like a blow to our physical bodies. You have been an amazing inspiration to me, and no doubt this challenge will be no different. Keeping you and Den covered in my daily prayers.

  14. Karl & Tracy Jentzsch

    Sending love } to you both. Renda – prayers for complete healing in the name of Jesus! God has you both in the palm of His hand! He who begin a good work will be faithful to complete it.

  15. Michelle Baylor Brolo

    Your faith and works encourage us all. Continuing to keep your both in prayer for health that God has in His hands. Thanks for the updates.

  16. Karen Clark

    Continuing to lift you both, the MOHI work, and future medical staff in prayer. Thank you for the amazing Christ witnesses you both have been, and continue to be.

  17. Matt Silver

    Love you guys and am so thankful for the way God uses you ALL OVER THE WORLD to impact US 🙂 Praying for you both and trusting God to care for you and bring you his peace.

  18. Doris & Bob Lindner

    Den & Ren—God’s plan is unfolding for you. You are an inspiration for everyone. Our prayers for you continue.
    Bob & Doris

  19. Deb and Rocky Rhodes

    Dennis and Renda we love you so much and are praying for you both. What an amazing thing you have accomplished in the MOHI shop. What blessing will come to MOHI because of your work and just because of who you are and how much you are like Jesus!

  20. Carol Fishel

    May the God of mercy And grace direct you in all things! Praying today for you!

  21. Joyce La Padula

    Thank you for the update. Praying for God’s healing powers over your medical situation, Renda. Peace to you both.

  22. Jesus really loves the Currans and so do we and SO do I. All shall will be well.

  23. We love you both so much it hurts. Your lives are living testimony for so many. We pray that HIs peace and strength continue to abound in you in every way. Let your family love on you at every chance so that we may be mutually blessed.

  24. Paula Waters

    I’m thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Love and God Bless. Paula

  25. Marianne Lucot

    We love you and your hearts. You truly have been transformed into the likeness of Christ and you have God’s heart! You 2 have stepped out in faith, following His calling! Our prayers are with you through this time. No matter where you are, you will always point the way to Our Lord and in so doing impact others along their journey

  26. Judy Ramsey l

    Thank you for the update on all the wonderful things that are happening!Thank you for sharing your needs! I am praying that God is holding you both in palm of hand each and everyday!

  27. Jeanne Lintz

    Thanks for the update on your wonderful work. The Lord is glorified in EVERYTHING you do. We will continue to hold both of you up in prayer. Stay strong and know that many of us are praying for you Renda.

    • June Tucker

      Praying for you both everyday. Renda, God is Awesome and I pray He will touch and heal you. God Bless you both.

  28. Sharon Livingston

    Praying for you both. Super update on what God is doing. Miss you!

  29. Robert and Marta Coulter

    Dennis, like comments already listed. You two have been an inspiration to all of us who know you. Renda we love you, Marta loves you because I do and we love in the name of Christ, Jesus our Lord. We are praying for you.

  30. Min Thike

    Doctor says the word “cancer” via help of instrument and his knowledge.
    God holds the eraser. At HIS WILL it would be erased by now.
    With Love in Christ !

  31. joe and debbie gibbons

    Praise and thanksgivingto our great GOD for all He has done through Your ministry We love you tender and we love you true

  32. Cheryl Silence

    I give thanks to God every time I think of you. I am praying for safe travel, good doctors, good prognosis and excellent treatment!
    You are deeply loved. Your friend, Cheryl

  33. Kevin Smallwood

    I am just seeing your blog today. I didn’t know this was happening to you. I know God, our ultimate healer, has your back. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for all that you do for our Lord and the people of Kenya. May God continue to richly bless you. Love you guys.

  34. Susan Cook

    I am amazed at all that God has led you and your wife to do down there. My prayers for her recovery, safe travels and the continued Grace of God to you.

  35. Jeff & Nancy

    You both are remembered in our prayers, for healing, skill for the Doctor’s, safe traveling, in any case God,s Grace is sufficient. We send our love in Christ. Jeff & Nancy

  36. catherine baumgartner

    thank you for being the Lighthouse in all our hearts, let us return the joy by receiving the light and love we have for you. Shine on bright stars!!!! By his stripes we are healed. Thank you Jesus for the rest and comfort and wellness of this beautiful caring couple!! love always


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