November is the month for “a hope and a future” for Missions of Hope students! Please remember in prayer the 800+ students of Missions of Hope as they complete the Kenyan National Exams this month.

Missions of Hope (MoHI)

It is so moving to know that through the work of the Holy Spirit in MoHI’s ministries, over 13,000 kids have received life-giving hope in the Word of God, life-altering academic education, and life-saving medical care in some of the most desperate circumstances imaginable.

Would you like to be a part of this life-changing work?  What if changing the world is simpler than you think?  Child sponsorship is the key to empowering children to change their world, and then change THE WORLD! When a child is blessed with your sponsorship, she receives two meals a day, medical care, an excellent Christian education, uniforms, school supplies and textbooks, plus many other benefits. She also gains an understanding of the love of God and the Bible, discovers how much she is valued, and develops a vision for a brighter future beyond her present circumstances.

Perhaps it would be a wonderful gift for your family to sponsor a child for this Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable with a monthly commitment, perhaps you, and maybe the folks you work with, would like to give a special gift to the unsponsored children’s fund. This is an excellent way to share the love of God with the children who have not yet been sponsored, to start and stay in school.

Renda’s Health Update and Prayer Request



In July, Renda’s abdominal discomfort ended when two excellent Kenyan doctors removed a large ovarian cyst and performed a complete hysterectomy. The pathology report revealed uterine cancer, so we flew back to the US in September for thorough testing, diagnosis, and treatment. God has led us to a great oncologist here in southwest Florida. Renda’s treatment plan is 25 radiation treatments, ending the day before Thanksgiving, and 15 weeks of chemotherapy starting on November 29th. That schedule keeps us here in Florida through the month of March. Then, God willing, we will be heading back to Kenya.

Ren’s doing really well, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Her side effects thus far have been minimal, but we’re staying close to home here just to be safe. We miss our family, friends, church, and ministry teammates in Maryland and Kenya very much. Since we are here in the U.S. we would love to visit folks, but for now our mission focus is right here.




Ren enjoying the “Sonshine” care package sent from a loving bible study group!






I think if we pay close attention to the way we pray, we can catch a glimpse of the condition of our relationship with God. It’s easy to slip into a position of only asking God for a bit of heaven when we pray. Asking for healing, comfort, safety, provision…and scripture says it’s ok to do that. All those blessings really do come from Him. I just think we need to be careful not to stop there. Our relationship with the Father isn’t just asking Him to point out the comfiest chair in the Kingdom, is it? We are supposed to be advancing His Kingdom. That’s an action word. In Matthew 16 Jesus tells us of His church that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” That tells me that the church is supposed to be in motion, moving forward, taking ground in a measurable way. So, in keeping with that thought, we are going to ask you to pray for healing, of course, but more importantly, for Renda and I to continue to share Him with those around us as His work continues in us and through us. God is never surprised with where we are or with the circumstances we’re struggling with. We are still His. The mission is still His. And He still invites us all into that mission with Him, regardless of our circumstances. We are trusting that God is holding us in His mighty hand.


Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers. We know the prayers of the faithful, and the visits from friends and family are holding us up right now. Please continue to pray for us to be obedient to God right where we are and to trust in His plan for our lives. This temporary interruption in our Kenya plans isn’t an interruption to His plans. We are making new friends in our neighborhood and our local church and with each medical office visit! It is a great place for us to share the love of Jesus and the ministry of MoHI as we focus on getting back to health.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Den and Ren


17 Responses to “Hope”

  1. Lynn Collins Urbanski

    Renda so happy to see this “Hope” posting on Facebook. I had asked on the Theta page if anyone had heard about your prognosis and how you were doing. So glad you appear to be doing great. I hope the rest of your treatments go swift and without too many side effects. I continue to pray for you and your family.

  2. Marge Lloyd

    We were thinking about Renda and you this week. So glad to hear from you and the medical process as is continues.

    Please know of our thoughts, prayers and much love!

    I am sure that His ministry continues where ever you are. May our God continue to be with you both through this time of medical care.

    Prayers for complete healing,

    Marge and John

  3. Smith family

    Continued prayers for you friends! So inspired by your walk with God. <3 the Smith's

  4. Ginny Nicholson

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying for the Lord’s healing hand to be upon you Renda and that he will give Denny and you a peace beyond our understanding . Love you both, Ginny and Don

  5. Fred and LeeAnne Foreman

    Lovely update. Thank you for sharing. Of course Renda is in our prayers, as is Den. Miss seeing you.

  6. Continued prayers for a full recovery. May God ‘s healing hand bring you to good health. Safe travels around and have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Love you.

  7. Love you two oodles. We will continue to pray for speedy recovery for Sweet Renda and for continued strength and vision for God’s plan for today.

  8. Cheryl Silence

    Two of my favorite people!!!!! Sending love to you both along with prayers to the Father.

  9. Oh dearest friends- will set an honorary place for you both around our Thanksgiving table and will spend a season of prayer for Rendas healing for the glory of Jesus and his kingdom. I love you both so much.

  10. Louis Hall

    Dear Dennis and Renda, I am so glad to hear of your continuous healing progress. This is a season to Be Still and Rest in our Father’s Hands. Enjoy His Love, Grace, Kindness, Mercy and Peace. I love you both.
    Louis Hall

  11. Bobby /Kim/ Braiden

    Your Words are always inspiring to any who read. the Holy Spirit Flows through You in every action. Thanks for being a Leader and showing us how to Love and Aways Trust – even when there is the worst and hardest moments. You always look up to Him for your next move. When a person can be defined as God Fearing, God Honoring, God Serving, God Caring, God Loving, God Teaching That speaks volumes – You Both have all of those Qualities.

    May God Bless Your trial, the people He puts In Your way and the Mission at Hand. Love Bobby, Kim, Braiden Michel

  12. Jim Stelljes

    Den and Ren, you two look amazing. I continue to pray for you both during this time of Renda’s victorious battle with the cancer treatments. You are both strong in the Lord and will beat this.

  13. Dave & Donna Long

    Dennis & Renda,
    We are so happy to hear from you, and joyful at Renda’s progress and recovery. We just know He has this in His hands, and we continue to lift you both up in prayer. At this time of Thanksgiving, we are honored to have as friends you who so selflessly teach us how to unleash love in this world. Our love to you both.
    Dave & Donna Long

  14. Carla Criss

    You look great!
    Can’t wait to see you soon…God’s love to you always…

  15. joe and debbie gibbons

    Dennis sing that song to Renda that you sang on your wedding day for all of us as she starts the second phase of her recovery y LOVE ME TENDER because that’s the way our heavenly Father unleashes his love

  16. Marianne Lucot

    Hello to both of you. Your love for Our Heavenly Father is so alive that even as I read your blog, your love is alive.I can feel God’s Holy Spirit in and from what you share with us. Our Lord is faithful and you two are such faithful witnesses each day no matter where you are, May Jesus continue to minister to you as you minister to others that you meet through this present journey. You will always be victorious with Him dwelling in you. I love you guys.


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