What have the Curran’s been doing for the last 8 weeks?

Language Learning, still! Rhoda is our wonderful language helper and meets with us 3 days a week. We are using the LAMP (Language Acquisition Made Practical) method and to tell you the truth, we are not picking up the language very quickly, but having Rhoda by our side makes us successful in our interactions and … [Read More]

Home in Lodwar!

After 19 hours (2 days) of driving northwest from Nairobi, through some incredibly beautiful Kenya countryside and some unbelievably rough roads we are now settling into our house in Turkana! We are sometimes overcome with thoughts of just how blessed we are to have a home here in the land we love so much where … [Read More]

Well…that’s a deep subject!

Of the forty-or-so tribal groups that make up the country of Kenya, the Maasai are probably the most well known. We were blessed to spend a few days in a Maasai community last weekend learning hands-on about “boreholes”; those are deep wells drilled by a truck mounted drill rig. We’d like to share our experience … [Read More]

Hopelessly Behind the Learning Curve!

We are in Language Learning from now through August in a little town called Tigoni, about 45 mins west of Nairobi at 7300’ elevation. It’s the rainy season and it’s overcast and damp daily. It’s beautiful and hilly and lush and green here. Our little rented cottage has no heat or hot water, but our … [Read More]

Kenya guess where we are now?

Hi All, Den’s “chucks” have stepped onto another continent! Thanks for your prayers! We have arrived safely in Kenya! We’ve been having the best time talking about the ministry with some of our wonderful teammates and how we will be used; there’s so much going on! Today we met with the farm manager and heard … [Read More]

Kenya, Believe It!

Great news, dear friends! We will be leaving for Kenya on May 22nd! Yes, checking our bags, boarding the plane, and flying from Ft. Myers to Philadelphia, then Qatar, with the final destination of Nairobi. Yippee! How can this be? How is it possible that we are invited in to the work of God, to … [Read More]

From Palm Sunday to Easter

We find ourselves here in Colorado, halfway through our four weeks of Language and Cultural training. In some ways it would be tempting to just live right here, to somehow stay in this context between the going and the getting there. Kind of like that eagerness a child has when Christmas is on the way; … [Read More]


Blessings, Thanks, and Gratitude….“BLESSANKATUDE” WOW! What a WONDERFUL weekend Den and I just experienced at Mountain Christian Church! Sharing Jesus with and loving on folks, one person at a time is what Mountain does best, and our love bank is FULL! Ren made up a word trying to capture our feelings of blessings, thanks, and … [Read More]

Take Heart!

Hello to All, We’ve heard how cold it’s been in Maryland; just remember you are less than three weeks from Spring! It’s hard to believe it’s March already. And today is Ash Wednesday. Today begins the 40 day countdown to Easter Sunday. I love the reminder to prepare our hearts for a Savior who’s returning. And … [Read More]

Learning and Praying

“Now what are you guys doing down there in Florida?” you ask. Well, glad you asked. We´ve been house-fixing! We were blessed to be able to buy a little mobile home just two doors away from Ren´s mom, Peggy. Peg is 81 and just a fireball, and we really enjoy spending time together. The mobile … [Read More]